Yoga can help relieve MS symptoms

Yoga and the immune system
I want to share how yoga can help you manage your MS symptoms. If you are struggling with fatigue learning just the deep breathing techniques alone will turn on your body’s natural relaxation response and oxygenate your blood more fully. When you consciously breathe more deeply through the practice of yoga you will feel calm and relaxed but at the same time energized. In addition, when you add yoga postures that move your body you will have less muscle spasticity and increased muscle strength leading to greater balance. 
A recent study conducted by Evan Cohen and David Kietrys, physical therapists and associate professors in the School of Health Related Professions at Stratford showed the following results: "…at the end of an eight-week trial those who participated were better able to walk for short distances and longer periods of time, had better balance while reaching backwards, fine motor coordination, and were better able to go from sitting to standing. Their quality of life also improved in perceived mental health, concentration, bladder control, walking, and vision, with a decrease in pain and fatigue." These findings were presented on September 26 at the Symposium on Yoga Research at the Kripalu Institute in Massachusetts. "This study, I hope, is one of many that will give us the clinical information we need," said Fogerite. "Yoga is not currently being widely prescribed for people with MS, although it might turn out to be a very helpful treatment."

One of the study participants had the following to say about her experience…

"What was so nice about this experience was that although everyone was at a different level of the disease, we felt like we were all together, so I think the camaraderie helped," said Meltzer. "And it wasn’t just about gaining more mobility and balance in our legs but our arms and necks felt stronger as well."

I have MS myself and yoga is a big part of why I am so mobile and strong in my body. I want to share yoga with everyone I know, but especially those people with MS, because it can change their lives. I offer several chair yoga classes and also work one on one with people to help them develop a home practice. If you are interested in learning more feel free to contact me at

Janet Golownia RYT, PYT, Certified Health Coach

Janet Golownia is passionate about unlocking the body’s ability to heal itself through a variety of yoga tools and nutrition.  She has learned from healing her own health issues of hypothyroidism, depression and multiple sclerosis that healing takes place not only on the physical level but also the energetic and emotional levels.  As a Yoga Therapist and Certified Health coach she will develop a personalized plan of healing for each client based upon their goals.  Some of the many benefits experienced by her clients are relief of chronic pain, greater core strength, increased flexibility and range of motion, greater body awareness and mental clarity.

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  1. This is a great article - I think yoga is an ancient and wonderful way to get so many health benefits. i think it is under rated - everone should do yoga stretches everyday

  2. I so agree with Josie and try to do yoga every morning .... Salute the sun


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