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MEDIA RELEASE: 09 Nov 2012
How infection can trigger autoimmune disease
Associate Professor Robert Brink and Dr Tyani Chan
Embargoed until 12:00 noon EST 8 November 2012 / 9 November at 0400 Sydney time
Australian scientists have confirmed a ‘weak link’ in the immune system – identifying the exact conditions under which an infection can trigger an autoantibody response, a process not clearly understood until now.

We have known for many years that autoimmune diseases such as rheumatic fever and Guillain-Barré syndrome (where the body makes antibodies that attack the heart and peripheral nerves respectively) can occur after the body makes immune responses against certain infectious micro-organisms.

We have not been able to explain exactly how such examples of infection-driven autoimmunity occur, however, nor why our bodies seem unable to prevent them. READ FULL STORY AT THE GARVAN INSTITUTE...

STORY was also published:

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