Too Many Questions

There are over a hundred conditions classified as autoimmune - this is quite overwhelming. Let's get back to basics.
Just what is happening in an autoimmune condition, what do they all have in common?
A person's immune system, a certain part of it, is attacking their own body. Depending on where the body is attacked we name the disease.
For example :
Hashimoto's Thyroidosis - the body attacks the thyroid.
Behcet's Syndrome - the body attackes the blood vessels.
Sjogren's syndrome - the body attacks the moisture producing glands.
CIDP - the body attacks the nerves.
Isaac's Syndrome - the body attacks the voltage - gated potassium channels located on the nerve fibres.
Multiple Sclerosis - attacks the central nervous system - brain ans spinal cord.
Rheumatoid Arthritis - the body attacks the tissue lining of the joints.
Do you think they will ever work out why the body goes into attack mode?
Do you think there will be a commonality amongst all autoimmune conditions? Allergy, the gut, inheritance, bacteria?
So many questions, not many answers...YET.

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  1. Anonymous5:11 AM

    My Vitamin D was LOW 21 (which is good to some nearly depleted) But I took Vit.D3 sublingual (under the tongue) HUGE difference in 3 months with total body aching pain :)


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