Autoimmune Research updates April

Autoimmune Research April

Following is an update of recent autoimmune medical research: 

Clinical Trial Investigates Treatment for Two Autoimmune Liver Diseases​​​​​​​

Revolutionizing the Diagnosis of Autoimmune Diseases

Joseph DeRisi, PhD; Samuel Pleasure, MD, PhD; and Michael Wilson, MD
2016 - 2019 Weill Innovation Award

Unlocking the female bias in lupus.
New research on the X chromosome from the School of Veterinary Medicine points to an abnormality in the immune system’s T cells as a possible contributing factor in lupus and other autoimmune diseases.

Hypertension in Rheumatic Diseases:
A Closer Look at Immune Mediators and Hormone Changes

FDA approves new oral treatment for multiple sclerosis 
The approval of Mavenclad represents an additional option for patients who have tried another treatment without success.

Patients With Higher RA Disease Activity More Likely to Reduce Alcohol Intake.

Update on Vaccines in Autoimmune Patients

Infectious disease specialist provides overview for rheumatologists

Purdue University researchers discover a probe that detects autoimmune diseases ​​​​​​​Tumor necrosis factor is a protein found in the human body.

Doctors link it with many inflammatory conditions, including forms of arthritis. In a healthy person, tumor necrosis factor (TNF) helps the body to fight off infections. In people with autoimmune diseases, however, high levels of TNF in the blood can cause unnecessary inflammation, resulting in painful symptoms.

Will investigate why we get autoimmune diseases.

Wallenberg Clinical Scholar Olle Kämpe will examine this question.

Genome-Wide Analysis Reveals New Strategies to Target Pancreatic Cancer.

Researchers discover unexpected role of an immune system receptor; blocking it halts human cancer cell growth and improves survival in animal models.

Four Biomarkers Linked to Methotrexate Response in Rheumatoid Arthritis.
“If validated, these biomarkers could become a useful complement when choosing the treatment strategy for patients with eRA,” the researchers wrote.

Autoimmune thyroid disease and sex life:

This study aimed to describe the frequency of self-reported thyroid-related impaired sex life in patients with thyroid diseases.

Did you know that April is Sjogren's Awareness Month?
Sjogren's Syndrome is the 2nd most common autoimmune disease in the USA, after RA, but still many patients wait years to get a diagnosis and feel their doctors and specialists do not understand the full range of symptoms, often just treating the dry eyes and dry mouth symptoms.

If you need to know more visit Sjogren's Syndrome Info.

You can help spread Sjogren's Awareness this month on twitter by joining in at Autoimmune List @AutoimmuneList using these hashtags  #SjogrensAwarenessMonth #ThisIsSjogrens

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